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and ladiness with a little bit of an edge and it's only $25, sorry $50. >> these are two bags from kohl's, right? >> this is the gold and black which is a big trend, too. >> beautiful all-over studding, very elegant. >> and this is vieda, little stick red with studding onterm the kind of bag can you throw it on with a very basic outfit and adds in the personality. >> look for the metallic accents. speaking of metallic, metallic bags are in as well, this is from ivanka trump's collection. >> ivanka trump. metallic bags aren't just for evening, a lot of women think that, but can play well during the day as well >> the splurge is $175. >> who knows luxury better than she does. great tufted elements on the bag, from steal, only $13. wear this with something upscale or more casual. >> a nice clutch. and over here, these two bags, where are they from? >> jennifer lopez for kohl's and vera wang for kohl's. this is your best friend. talking about shifting the contents of your bag constantly. >> which i don't do. >> this will take you right through the season, every day of the week, the weekend.
's government will present their budget for the next year. on top of jobs, on top of kohl's hiring push, they have created 1500 jobs in 10 states. two new stores will open in the washington area. the burden of student loan debt is getting worse. when you factor in tuition costs and raise borrowing limits, nearly one in five households have student loan debt in 2010. that is more than twice the level compared to 1989. this is according to a report from the pure research center that shows the average that was more than $27,000. more starbucks fans are looking to brew their lattes at home. that is coming up in the hour. >> 4:30 a right now and 56 degrees. >> still to come, bad news >> there has been a decision on pepco's request for a rate increase. if they had approve the entire amount, the typical customer would have to pay $5.20 more each month. instead they will pay about $2.60 more. the rate increase set to take place next month. >> pepco workers are closer to going on strike. the union has overwhelmingly rejected what the company called their final offer. the main sticking point is a
is no longer politically correct. >>> welcome back at 4:57. kohl's is prepared for what could be a jolly holiday shopping season. the department store plans to hire more than 52,000 seasonal employees in the coming months, up 10%. kohl's expects to hire about 41 people per store and expects to hire 5,700 people for jobs at its distribution centers. kohl's says most of the seasonal jobs are part time. >>> you're finally done with back to school shopping, and some of us have to turn around and think about the holiday shopping list. toys 'r us released the annual hot toys list. this year the list has an old school feeling. you'll find teenage mutant ninja turtles. one direction dolls made the list. >> one direction dolls? are they going to be around next year? i don't know. >> for the girls that buy them, yes. and they're collectors. >> boys can buy them too. >> absolutely. >> 50 toys made the list of toys there. >>> there are a lot of big and beautiful cats that need a loving home. >> the humane society of southwest washington state is now offering a discount to adopt older cats that have
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's still sore but some stores are getting ready for the holiday shopping season. kohl's the restores, the very first. his plan to hire more than 52 dozen people for seasonal work. american airlines is sending a letter of warning notices to more than 11,000 employees as a company continues to go through bankruptcy restructuring. airline officials say the actual number of job losses will probably be felt closer to 4400 people. the help-wanted sign is out in one country. the groups are ready for harvesting but there is a serious shortages of workers. it only has 18 of the 40 workers at the council on to start picking this week. it's a combination of the economy and immigration issues. they aren't sure when or if things will get better. >>> in the past three years it has dwindled down they don't have as many people coming looking for work appeared >>> a person could make around a hundred $12 a day picking grapes in california. >>> it. company just launched a new weapon. a new fda drug that kill your appetite. it always works in a combination of a good diet and exercise purchase of also h
. i will introduce the other witnesses. we hope senator herb kohl can be in the room in just a moment. he is the chief executive officer of d.t. analytics. he serves as a part-time instructor on domestic terrorism. previously, mr. johnson was an analyst in the homeland security office where he led a team of analysts responsible for analyzing domestic extremists activity. he was the lead expert on violent and government groups at the bureau of tobacco and alcohol and firearms. i am going to hold off until senator herb kohl arrives. thank you for being here. let me start with mr. johnson. if you would like to testify and mr. jacobs. >> good afternoon, mr. chairman and members of the committee. thank you for giving me this opportunity for inviting me here to talk about the threat from violent extremists. the rising threat of domestic terrorism in the united states should not diminish our focus on the rest from al qaeda and their affiliates. culmination's law enforcement resources need to be flexible to combat fierce -- combat terrorism, including non-islamic extremists. terrorism motivat
for the holiiay season....kohl's has announced it's hiring more than &p52-thousand seasonal employee. employees.that's 10-percent more workers... than it hired last year.other etail giants... like toys-r-us, walmart and target... are also set to announce their hiring plans soon. fathers in one rhode island town... aren't too happy.... dance with their daughters... is taken away! away! schools in cranstonn rhode island have canceled all their father- daughter dances after the single mother of a 4th grader compained.. saaing the ddncc excluddd her daughter.the schools offered to allow the mom to attend but she went to the a-c-l-u instead. that's when the sshool district decided to ban all gender specifii events... from father-daughter dances, to mother-son baseball games... saying they violate rhodeeisland's gender discrimination laws. but many parents are upset with tte decision. rhodes says: "and it was something special that we shared right?"roche says: "...and they had a great time - he absolutely loved it and theyycouldn't wait for that day to come." come." the town's mayor says he'
are hiring now. spots for more than 52,000 seasonal staff. than kohl'smore year.last plans to hire between and 90,000. 750,000 homes in august. that is up almost 30% from this year.ast applications for building permits up. this is the fifth straight month of improvement. we will focus on women taking control of their careers. nearly 1 million women are constructionhe most do sales and office work. we'll talk about one group of who decided to go for specialized instruction training. an all-female construction company. reinvented themselves tonight at 5:00. one man walking from his home to house.te we caught up with him this morning. he is a board chair for the alzheimer's association in virginia. he is now raising money for research and a support. >> for me, it was about just sure that our political familiar with the numbers. 1300 people a day are diagnosed with alzheimer's. 13,008 people a day will be the time we get there today. >> since his journey began, he raised of these $12,000. he will meet with congress to new alzheimer's funding bill. we'll check in with away a kreme giving donuts
.how many people are projected to be obese... bb 203. 2030.and later...kohl's department store is adding to their payroll... for the holiday season.how many jobs are up for grabs. ((break 3)) 3 --reporter pkg-as follows - with college costs on the rise, more young peeple are the cost of a four-year degree is worth it..a new study from georgetown niversity could be part of that convvrsation. accordiig to the study -- there are at least 29 million jobs for people without four year degrees. and at least a million are unfilled. these jobs -- which range from areas pay middle class wages.the average is 42-thousaad dollars fifty thousand dollars. but there is one catch -- most of these jobs still require you to get some sort of apprenticeship, training or post-certificate. those often be earned at community colleges or trade schools. the most popular certificaaee for igh school graduates include nursing assistant, commercial truck driver, and certificates for those witt associates degrees include a licensed practical nurse, a paralegal or a coding authors says the existence of these wel
market is getting an early christmas present from kohl's. the retailer wants to hire more than 50,000 people. that's about 41 workers per store. these are part-time positions from a few hours to more than 20 hours a week, doing such things as unloading trucks, stocking merchandise, and punching the cash register. kohl's will start hiring this month, and they want all positions filled by mid- november. nearly half of retailers say they also want more full-time workers. amazon is testing ways to bring more of its business to customers more quickly. the company will add more distribution centers this year as part of a bigger plan to create same-day delivery. amazon has reportedly teamed up with 7-eleven stores to test an experimental pickup plan. customers would be able to retrieve amazon purchases the same day from their nearest 7- eleven location. as a consequence of amazon's physical presence in more states, fewer customers will be able to make tax-free internet purchases. currently, 8 states collect taxes from amazon. by 2016, the added distributuion centers will bring the number
for the holiday shopping season. kohl's support resource are among the first to of the help wanted sign. he spied a high of more than two to two dozen people for seasonal work. >>> he the chemical fund and both can and plastic foods suggest it is a link to a childhood obesity in that. the kids with the highest level of the chemical and the bodies are twice as likely to be obese. most people have traces of the chemical in their bodies. researchers find that bba is not cause obesity. >>> the change in the krauses' school district is ending because of a letter from the american civil liberties union. i had a complaint from a single mother whose daughter had no father or father figure to take her to dance. many people in cranston are upset about this change in policy. >>> i truly believe that no one intended to hurt anyone's feelings with this that they wanted to be inclusive of the also like the traditional type activities. >>> earlier this year the schools had to remove a school prayer and there because of a lawsuit. we did ask you all morning what you think about the school band on her daughter da
-mart and kohl's spread a little holiday cheer when they announced they'd be hiring 50,000 temporary workers each for the upcoming holiday season, which is coming ever earlier every year! do such big numbers tell us that retailers expect a door-buster holiday season, that overall hiring is about to take off, that the recovery finally is shifting into high gear? uh, not quite. "even though we see these companies make these big hiring announcements, you expect that from walmart, from kohl's." as for the entire retail industry, here are the overall numbers: for the 2012 holiday season, retailers expect to hire 700,000 temporary workers - that's about 6% more than last year, when retailers added a little more than 660,000 temps - nearly 2% higher from 2010. compare this to before the pre- recession numbers. in 2006, when overall employment was higher, retailers still added nearly 750,000 workers in the fourth quarter. these are the people who stock the shevles, ring up sales and then take everything down in january and then they're again out of a job. but it turns out temp hiring for the holidays "is
facebook page, or send us an e-mail to watercooler@wbaltv.com. kohl's has thousands of jobs to fill. the make your own latte strategy is proving to be a success for starbucks. jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> starbucks just unveiled a ewer.e served coffee grobr it can brew drinks other than coffee. brewers have sold out. some machines are on back order. if you major own lattes at home, it will cost you $600 a year. at starbucks, $845. that does not include the cost of the machine which starts at $200. stocks continued to fall. the bloomberg maryland index was lower. spain will present its budget next year. get the weekly jobless claims numbers in the u.s. kohl's opening 12 new stores. that does include a new store in aspen hill. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> family and friends are remembering andy williams. he was one of the most popular 60's.ists of the 19 was 84 years old. >> he had a great voice. the orioles bounced back in a big way. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. >> now
't--haven't seen in the los angeles times over the weekend by herb kohl, who is an author of more than 40 books on education. do you know him? >> guest: i don't know him. i know his work. c-span: he's the director of the center for teaching excellence and social justice at the university of san francisco. he says, 'diane ravitch identifies herself as an intellectual progressive and a liberal traditionalist.' i'll stop there and ask you if that's accurate. >> guest: well, i--you know, these labels confuse me, i mean, because i--i never know when people call me things. i mean, i--i get labeled all the time, and mostly i find that i don't know how to fit into them c-span: what does it mean to be an intellectual progressive? >> guest: i'm--i'm not sure. i mean, my own children went to a progressive school, and i guess what i've tried to do in the book is to say i like progressive methods, but i think progressive methods have to be used to teach children traditional subject matter. and... c-span: what d--what does progressive methods mean? >> guest: well, active learning and--and hands-on projects a
against the company's last contract offer and holding a strike authorization vote. kohl's anticipates to hire more people. in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. they plan to hire 53,000 seasonal workers. that's up 10% from last year. and not a minute too soon toys "r" us are out with it's annual hot toy list for the holiday shopping season. it includes tablets for kids, fashion dolls. and the likeness of one direction, the boy band sensation. and oldstand byes like teenage my tant ninja turtles. and there's 96 days until christmas. >> we know the toys the parents will be fighting over in the stores. thank you. >>> a fourth century scrap of papyrus is igniting whether jesus christ was married. a professor, an expert in the history of christianity said the papyrus is the only existing text showing jesus referring to having a wife. she's identified as mary. the catholic church insists jesus was not married. but the fragment believed to be from egypt should not be taken as proof that jesus was married. i suppose we still don't know. >>> coming up, your wednesday morning weather.
workers. they plan to hire 45,000 seasonal workers. kohl's plans to hire 52,000. that's 5,000 more than last year for both retailers. but seasonal employment is still below pre-recession levels. >>> halloween could set a record. 170million people will do something to celebrate. that's 71% of the u.s. population and the highest number ever. the average person will spend $08 on costumes, decorations and candy this year which is up from last year. that means about $8 billion in total spending. >>> during the next hour, governor jerry brown is heading to google headquarters in mountain view. governor brown plans to sign the recently passed google robot car bill. the bill allows the self- driving cars to be tested on state roads. it also outlines rules and standards for the cars. this makes california the second state to allow the driverless cars on the road, nevada approved it in february. and tesla says it plans to build a network of charging stations across california to accommodate its electric sedan. the california-based car company unveiled the network. tesla says there are currently s
has been sitting on a very treasure. while kohl lies underground inpe sitting on something much more valuable -- gold. even more valuable in times of crisis like the one spain is experiencing. a canadian firm plans to invest 150 million euros to mine for gold year. >> this project changes everything. it will become an industrial region. lots of suppliers will settle here and create lots of jobs. >> but not everyone here is buying that. everywhere, there are signs saying "note to gold, no to the mine." these people want to work, too, but not at any price. they say in a decade, when the gold reserves have been depleted, the jobs will vanish, too. >> they have their shareholders, their investors. that is who they work for. if they succeed, which we hope they will not, they will come here, take everything they can, and then move on. we will be left with slag heaps, traders, dust, environmental pollution, and devastation. >> farmers fear that as a byproduct of the mining, toxic chemicals will be released into the environment and wind up in the food chain. >> conducting chemical analysis w
- thousand holidayyworkers. that's 5- thousand more than last year.kohls is hiring 52- thousand ... up 11 percent. walmart is hiring 50-thousand targee... is hiring the most... at 90- thousand .make sure you starttyouu ob search now... applications will start pillng up between october 1st and halloween. a shelter dog in south ccrolina is looking for her forever home, ut it has to be pith someone who has a lot of p. patience.as chriitine scarpelli tells us... she has to eat in high chair ---kiid of likeea aby. baby. like any other growing puppy, 4 month old starship never turns up her nose to a meal. "ready to eat, girlfriend?" behinddthose begging eyes and a binded steel cage..."doesn't that llok scrumptious?"her &ptummy growls a littll louder life."when it's time to chow pdwn..."good girl. tuck in that tail."she'll need a leg up."she just crawled right in you've got to be kidding me." one elsse"in order to get the - &pfood past that balloon she a to sit upright. gravity helps briig the food down to her stomach."starship has a disorrer making it hard to digest food.but propping thi
. kohl's anticipates to hire more people. they plan to hire 53,000 seasonal workers. and not a minute too soon toys "r" us are out with it's annual hot toy list for the holiday shopping season. it includes tablets for kids, fashion dolls. and old stand byes like teenager my tant ninja turtles. and there's 96 days until christmas. >> we know the toys the parents will be fighting over in the stores. thank you. >>> a fourth century scrap of papyrus is igniting whether jesus christ was married. a professor, an expert in the history of christianity said the papyrus is the only existing text showing jesus referring to having a wife. she's identified as mary. the catholic church insists jesus was not married. >>> coming up, your wednesday morning weather. in sports a strange request from an nfl player. this is during a game. and you will not believe who it came from. this is the morning news. you won't run into kenmore appliances just anywhere. only sears is celebrating the 100th anniversary of america's number one appliance brand, with up to 25% off all kenmore appliances, plus an extra 15% off
permitting. just in time for the holiday season... kohl's has announced it's hiring more than 52-thousand seasonal employees. phat's 10-pprcent more workers... than it hired last year.other etail giants... like toys-r-us, walmart and target... are alss et to soon. 33 the orioles defeated the seattleemariners ... in one of thh longest games they ever pla. playee...after á18 inningsá and almost á6 hoursá of play... the o's stay tied for first today... with a 4-to-2 win over the mariners.the winning hit comes from pinch hitter taylor teagarden... with an r-b-i single to right f. field.now... the o's are trying to pass the yankees in the alleast... or hang onto the wild card spot.their next game is tooight... in anooher away game against the mariners. they'vv got the moves. moves.sytycd performance nats nats your chance to win ticcets tt the "so you think you can ddnce" live toor... in just 10 . minutes. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((bump out)) ((break 1)) support a good cause and catch a performance at the children's theatre of annapolis. annapolis..mily gracey j
. >>> it's only september but kohl's is already gearing up for the holiday season. the department store says it's hiring more than 52,000 temporary workers to help holiday shoppers. that's 10% more workers than last year. kohl's says those temporary workers could work up to 20 hours a week. >> reporter: on wall street, stocks ended up today. the dow picked up 11-1/2 while the nasdaq and s & p dropped slightly. >>> american airlines sent pink slip notices. they offered bonuses to employees who quit voluntarily. so far about 1,800 flight attendants and ground workers have accepted the officer. >>> officials in contra costa county have been working to prevent the spread of west nile virus. mosquito spraying will begin in antioch. the county's mosquito and vector control district is also asking residents to drain any standing water in their homes. >>> the fog was here this morning big time. it started out cool then you look behind me. you're not going to see fog there, that's diablo. but if you're looking out, you are not seeing any fog because it's cleared away. it will work its way back i
benefits. we'll tell you how the markets are reacting to that business. >> target and kohl's ready to staff up for the holidays and may be surprised to hear one is higher fewer workers than last year. ahhhh drill sound chirping electric shaver shaking remote tapping sound shaking drill chirping tapping shaking remote wouldn't it be great to have one less battery to worry about? car honking irping the 2012 sonata hybrid. the only hybrid with a lifetime hybrid battery warranty. from hyundai. wthe future of our medicare andr electiosocial security. for... man 1: i want facts. straight talk. tell me your plan... and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues that... affect seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at earnedasay.org i i had pain in my abdomen...g. it just wouldn't go away. i was spotting, but i had already gone through menopause. these symptoms may be nothing... bu
of like cool and fun. you got the tweed. it's all about the layering. it's from kohls and it's $68 and you can still wear a pop of color. orange is a great color. so you can still wear it but in that muted tweed black and white. >> i love that bag. >> i do too. >> it's also from kohl's. >> look how teeny ann is. >> itty-bitty. >> thanks, mom. >> next we have the quilted look. come on out, genena. >> i love this. it's two of the biggest trends for fall. the deep wine burgundy color. and i love this is -- this is from qvc, liz claiborne so that's a great deal, $85 and that equestrian look that we're seeing. it looks sophisticated but chanel inspired. you can walk around all day and still be comfortable. >> it's very ralph lauren. >> great, thank you, hon. >> great accent for the season and pattern shirt pulls everything together. >> let's bring out tiffany. she's got a peacoat on. >> let's bring out tiffany. >> come on out here. >> i love this for a night out on the town. it's all black. keep it streamline but the peacoat is your quintessential coat. a great coat, keeps you warm. what i love
are planned to be hired for kohl's, up 10% from last year. the hiring plan works out to be 41 employees per store. kohl's plans to fill the jobs by mid november. >>> lots of eyes on apple today. shares closed above $700 a share for the first time ever hitting an all time high and giving the company a market value of $650 billion. the stock up more than 70% since january. if only we'd invested in apple in january. the last boost coming from record demand for the iphone 5. it hit stores on friday. >>> still it's technically summer but not too soon to think about what the skid doughs -- kiddos want for the holidays. toys 'r' us has come out with its annual hot toy list. it includes tablets for kids, fashion dogs in the likeness of boy band sensation one direction and retrohits like teenage mutant ninja turtles and furby is back. >> makes me laugh. >> they chirp at you. one direction, if they would take the old backstreet boys dolls and put new clothes on them. >> and gel the hair in a different way. >> you're dating yourself. >> i know. >> jessica will be back in a couple of minutes to unveil
bath and beyond, kohl's is hiring 52,000 workers for the holiday season. they are anticipating more sales in stores and more sales online so kohl's is waiting for good news and hiring 41 associates per store. that is the 4% increase year over year. take a look at that bat and beyond. oppenheimer cutting them to perform from and outperforming and talking about why are they doing this downgrade saying in the near term they see the consistent meaningful sales numbers pulling back and earnings potential waning. >> walking with the intention to buy two things and come out with 20 but that is why you carry the coupons. you know you all do that and you save those coupons. here is the question. with all the negative headlines and we have asked this many times could the broader market that had a beautiful run up be due for a pullback soon. let's bring back supertrader ben willis. that is the question. if we look at dow levels and this is the 1-year pictured as a nice year for the dow jones industrials. the s&p up double-digit percentages bose year-to-date and year over year. you say it is ti
's start with kohl's. holiday season is coming. making your list and such a. kohl's is hiring 52,000 people for the holiday season. sound like an astronomical amounts. 62,000 people hiring for the holidays and an average of 41 associates per store. it is the 4% increase from last year. back-to-school pretty good. and they are expecting sales and in the retail stores to be stronger. how about bed bath and beyond? oppenheimer actually cutting bad that and beyond to an outperform. and the upside potential beginning to wane and having to depend on coupons for customer traffic and such. lori: thank you as always. melissa: speaking of retailers their margins may be getting a little more cushion next year thanks to the magic touch. we will tell you how you can profit. lori: things have totally turned around. we will talk about why and how you can profit. look at the dollar. it is stronger with the euro at 130 one so that is elevated. back with more after this. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gy
penney and kohl's. >> jcpenney, people worried perhaps they're not doing that well. on your conference call, you made it pretty clear that the stores within stores are really fantastic for what you -- for your future. >> you know, we think it's -- it's a great way to showcase our brands. we've seen early results. i am talking about very early, jim. we're talking about ten days of worth of sales so far. the transition and transformation he's taking that company through. truly he's been very upfront about some of the rocky issues he's had to deal with. i think they have a clear path, they understand what they need to be successful and we're being as supportive as we can with them, not only with izod but with our brands there and we're a big part of their dress furnishings brand as well. >> you're big at macy's. jcpenney, we don't know yet. there's a lot of criticism about what he's doing. numbers are down a bit. >> absolutely. macy's put together the last three years just great results. terry lungren and his team have just continued to hit the ball out of the park and we've been benefici
. mr. kohl is sitting at andrews air force base along with the secretary of state. before he was quite happy to go off to las vegas at the outset of this. this is a peculiar, peculiar week for this president. >> this is not just about the middle east. we have had will be called the editorial page an era of slowly building tension and disorder for three and a half years. you know something is wrong when the u.s. secretary general feels that it is okay because tehran, you know something's wrong when china is challenging japan over the islands and sending ships. lou: they are meeting 120 nations invited to. the united nations general, secretary general. >> but this is not just the middle east. we have lost control. we have lost control in many areas of the world because we have retreated. i was in hong kong, based in china for many years. i saw the start of this apology tour in 2009. this is the inevitable results of us pulling -- >> this would have been a bad week for the president it mitt romney had not bail them out. mitt romney with the fall of ronald reagan's attack as he did in 1981
, a world in which kohl has not yet been replaced by oil for fuelling ships and the world in which a hundred million dollars was worth billions in today's currency. sixteen. okay. reading his nose today, it is abundantly evident that young franklin understood his subjects and truly remarkable depth. minister presented with uncommon clarity and conviction, demonstrating an impressive grasp of geopolitical issues, naval strategy, and relative national strength. the field just as sophisticated in and selectee was developing and how deeply cousin ted's naval precepts have helped define his own understanding of his country and the world. after his case had been presented his useful opponent began his rebuttals with a sweeping generalization that led his listeners to understand that the very subject was of global significance and immediately established a naval importance. this is the direct quote from franklin roosevelt's, his notes as a 15 year-old. of all the great powers of the world, the united states and russia are the only ones which have no colonies to defend. all our territory is on this
to hire 80,000 to 90,000 holiday workers. kohl's, more than 52,000 temporary workers. the improving economic news could impact the presidential race during the final sprint. mitt romney is trying to pivot his campaign back to economic issues, after the firestorm surrounding his private comments to wealthy donors that 47% of americans see themselves as victims. he addressed the comments during a univision forum last night in the battleground state of florida. then, quickly moved on to the economy. >> my campaign is about the 100% of america. and i'm concerned about them. i'm concerned about the fact that over the past four years, life has become harder for americans. >> reporter: president obama's message? if voters want the economy to bounce back, they need to give him a second term. it's a message obama surrogate bill clinton has taken on the road. >> we have grown. and we will grow again. but you need to re-elect president barack obama to do it. >> reporter: with polls showing president obama leading in some crucial battleground states, the romney campaign will soon pick up speed.
during the winter shopping season as part of revamping customer service. last week, kohl's department stores said it would hire more than 50,000 workers. walmart's forging ahead with expansion plans - it will open retail outlets in india within the next year to 18 months. honda is down-shifting on its sales. the japanese automaker is aiming to double global sales within 5 years. that's a bump from 3 million to 6 million vehicles. where's all that growth going to come from? emerging markets, says honda president takanobu ito - china and india mainly. the company will also rejigger operations to more quickly design and crank out new models that are market- specific. there will be more hybrids, plug-ins, mini models and a fuel-cell car that will be sold in the united states in 2015. general motors recalled cars over a gear shift problem that may cause the cars to roll away when they're supposed to be in park. more than 400,000 cars from 2007 to 2010 were recalled for transmission problems. that includes the chevrolet malibu, pontiac g-6, and saturn aura. it could cause the cars to roll o
. kohl's, the department store chain, is adding more than 52,000 holiday workers-- about 10% more than last year. target seasonal work force will be 80,000 to 90,000, down slightly from a year ago, but wal-mart is adding 50,000 jobs, up slightly. and game stop will add 17,000. >> it's about the same as last year. our fall season we're really expecting a nice surge in business. >> reporter: mike buskey, senior vice president for hiring at game stop, says the world's largest video game retailer is bullish on the holiday. >> i think if you have a significant offering, consumers are ready to spend money. i think the iphone 5 release is a classic example. >> reporter: apple has already sold more than five million iphone 5s. >> that doesn't sound like an economy in recession. >> reporter: but across the country, the recovery has been uneven. nationally, the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.1%. but in four states-- north carolina, new jersey, california, and rhode island-- the jobless rate is still near 10% or above. in nevada it's more than 12%. that's why scott hoyt with moody's analytics
names in retail are already accepting applications. kohl's expect to hire 52,000 workers, a whopping 10,000 more jobs than last holiday season. at walmart. 50,000 jobs. 45,000 at toys are you. up 5,000 from last year and 90,000 jobs at target. >> what we're seeing are retailers placing big bets. >>> jobs that earn about $7 an hour mean ace paycheck more than $5,000 by the end of the holiday crush. it may not be much to live on but it's a dream come true. but for laid-off call center worker, it's a dream come true. >> something for the holiday, extra income, pay off a credit card or something like that. for some those jobs stayed permanent. toys "r" us kept 16%. target 30%. nearly 30,000 people. >> i actually applied at target. i hope i get at least a callback from them too. >> reporter: fingers crossed. >> yes. >> reporter: finger crossed. if you want one of these jobs you have to apply now. many will be swooped up by the end of october well in advance of black friday. diane, here's the other thing. if people work hard and make a good impression, these jobs there's for the taking. they
in on saturday. overnight lows in the 40's to start early next week. >> kohl's has its eyes on strong holiday sales. they anticipate hiring 41 associates per store. the jobs are part-time ranging from a few hours to about 20 hours a week. what about the do not call list? bought hanson's looks into the problem -- bob hansen look s into the problem. >> my reaction is i don't have time. how did you get my number? >> he is talking about the growing number of telemarketing calls that are interrupting his day. calls from people offering lowery a new credit card or asking about his house -- calls from people offering larry a new credit card. stephen is a marketing professor. he says telemarketing calls generate millions of dollars every year. what about the do not call list? enforcement is spotty. >> you may get slapped on the hand down the road but they are generating a lot of business with these calls. >> you can legally get a call from a politician or somebody you have done business with. >> lately it has been political stuffe. >> what can consumers do/ ? hang up. most people are taking a more pa
workers. calls, more than 50 to 50kohls, than 52,000 workers. mitt romney is trying to pit economy back -- campaign economic issues after hi firestorm comments that 47% of americans see themselves as victims. he quickly moved on to the y.onom about the 100%is americans. about them.ed i am concerned about the fact four yearshe past become harder for americans. message --t obama's if voters want the economy to back, they need to give a second term. a message bill clinton has taken the road. grow and will grow again. to reelectd obama to do it. [applause] >> polls showed president obama battlegrounducial states. campaign is trying to pick up steam. romney and paul ryan had to ohio on monday. a closer look at the numbers for -- president obama on the campaign trail. joking around with power jay-z and beyonce. they are pressing dirt off their a take off on one of the tight bundles of a jay-z son. on.itles of a jay-z raiser receipts- for $40,000. still ahead and "good morning washington," the space shuttle finalor takes off for a leg of >> i am with the capitol area -- we are looking for dona
to hire of seasonal workers as kohl's. >> it is never too early. target plans to hire 8000 seasonal employees this holiday 0,000. to 99 hire 10% more than year. stuffed dolls are popular again. can reserve the toys a 20% down payment in the stores. the national retail federation found 43% of consumers toys duringuy nine the holiday shopping season. that's business news. reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. let's get a look at traffic and jamie. >> good morning. as a result of the storms last night we have problems with pe operating at reduced speed. hour late.o an that's the main problem on the rails. rail, onand metro schedule and on time. not much to tell you about from yesterday's storms. open and up to speed. there's a water main break in arlington. reported by police. columbia pike is closed at between south four mile run drive san salvador to mason drive. you can use about 50. columbia pike is closed because the water main break. interstate 95 northbound has been reopened. there wasn't a problem with a stalled car earlier. slow towards lorton. back to you. >> t
the swimsuit and explain why so many people are upset. >>> plus kohl's right now looking to hire. we'll tell you about where you can make a little extra cash over the holidays straight ahead. anncr: a good job. it's the key to a good life. but it isn't always easy to find one... a vote for question seven is a vote for maryland jobs. two thousand construction jobs to build a new resort casino. four thousand permanent jobs, paying... on average fifty five thousand a year. six thousand jobs from increased tourism... and table games like blackjack and poker. add it up: it's twelve thousand new maryland jobs. but to build it you have to vote for it. vote for question seven. and get maryland back to work. >>> thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. actress elizabeth hurly is causing a splash over her latest adventure and it's not in a good way. some are saying bikinis for girls, like the one you see on your screen, too sexy for children and advocates right now calling the pieces disturbing and inappropriate. hurly is telling the daily mail this morning the bathing suits are selling extre
it will be on display at the california science center. >>> kohl's right now betting on a big holiday season with plans to hire 10% more seasonal employees than the year before. now, the retailer said it would be hiring nearly 53,000 exees for the holiday season. the holiday will be run -- the hiring will be running through mid november. >>> today is international talk like a pirate day. this guy appears to be doing it everyday. this is the 10th anniversary of the holiday dave barry mentioned. this is a nationally syndicated newspaper column in 2002, bringing it to people's attention, national talk like a pirate day, september 19th. >>> drivers in washington d.c. look out because cameras are going to be watching you on the road and we're not just talking about speeding cameras. you also need to completely stop as well. the nation's capital starting this all. they're going to be following the lead of california. when photo enforced, they've had stop signs breaking in through the area. so washington d.c. gearing up to install they say about 16 stop sign cameras by the end of the year, mostly at interse
season? not a bad idea, so kohl's right now starting to add to its seasonal staff. the department store is hiring more than 52,000 people nationwide this year. that's about a 10% increase that seasonal workers had seen hired the year before. other giants like toys r us, target and wal-mart are set to plan their seasonal hiring soon, so we'll keep you posted. >>> the year 2040 we may no longer need a driver's license, that's because car companies right now starting to roll out basically cars that drive on their own. gm announced that it is going to start producing partially automated cars by 2015. so audi and bmw are looking into self-driving car designs. experts do predict that these type of vehicles will make up 75% of the car's population by the year 2040. >>> orioles fans right now going to be very sleep deprived as they head off to work this morning. "good morning maryland" at 5:00 starts right now. >>> parents in rockland county might be keeping -- in anne arundel county might be keeping a nervous eye on their kids when they drop them off this morning. police are looking for a m
ahead: just ahead of the holiday shopping season, kohls is announcing new stores and more jobs. samsung electronics announces sale expections of the new "galaxy note 2"... how it might compare to apple's new iphone 5. and later in lunchbreak: a decadent swedish dish -- halibut with mushrooms, bacon and swedish pickles. uuele [ male announcer ] febreze. eliminates odors and leaves carpets fresh. ♪ ♪ most of the pain i experience is in my knees. when i think of aspirin, i really think of it as that bottle in the back of my parents' medicine cabinet. finding bayer advanced was huge. i was really surprised by how well it worked. and i'd definitely use it again. put bayer advanced aspirin to the test for yourself at fastreliefchallenge.com. we are live from the new york stock exchange with your bloomberg "on the money" report: coles is in a hiring mode the retailer is open 12 new stores there will be 1500 more open jobs to fill around 10 states around the country these are smaller stores that are equipped with wi-fi connections ... united states airlines collected
workers than last year. earlier this week retail chain kohl's said it would hire nearly 53,000 holiday workers this year. that's up more than 10% from last year. good news. >> uh-huh. so did you hear the iphone 5 is coming out today? >> shut up. really? >>> 4:43. still ahead a local auto dealership takes some steps to ensure the health of its workers. >> more on that story plus a beautiful weather first when we return. >>> hello friends. 4:45. good morning. i'm going to double as leslie soon. i'll explain that in a little bit. just kidding, today is friday. glad you're with us, another beautiful day. a little bit warmer. >> got to 75 yesterday. one of the best days of the year i think. it was fantastic. today is going to be really nice too in the low 80s. >> that sounds great. sounds great. we'll take that. >> the weekend has some changes, how about fronts coming here late saturday? saturday afternoon and evening could see a couple of showers or storms moving across the region with the cold front and then sunday nice and crisp and autumnal once again. >> yes,. >> lets get to the bus st
to get around to class. we'll have more on this story online. >>> kohl's looking for seasonal workers right now. the department store is hiring more than 52,000 people nationwide for work during the holiday season. that's a 10% increase from a year ago. the chain hired last year. right now other retail giant stores like toys r us, target, wal-mart too, they are set to announce their seasonal hiring plans very soon. we'll keep you posted on that. >>> five things you may want to know as you head out the door this morning, the state's attorney's office in florida expects to release a new set of documents in the case against george zimmerman. the neighborhood watch leader who said he killed an unarmed teenager, tropical wave tropical wave in self -- trayvon martin in self defense. >>> governor o'malley is helping to kick off maryland's bus tour. it's hosted by start up america. the goal is to highlight entrepreneurship in baltimore and across the entire state. >>> and also happening today, employees at several shop rite stores are bagging for hunger. they're going to be collecting donat
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